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Disposable Cleanroom Garments: A Comprehensive Guide

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A simple way to Assess Safe-Use Times for Lakeland Chemical Suits

Permasure LP image 1.png

Permeation Test Breakthrough is commonly used to determine that a suit is safe to use, and yet:-

  • The EN 6529 permeation test standard itself states it is neither intended nor suitable for this purpose (see panel)
  • Breakthrough is measured NOT when the chemical first breaks through the fabric, but when the RATE of breakthrough reaches a particular speed - 1µg/cm2/min. So by definition, at the time of test breakthrough the chemical has already been breaking through for an unknown period. 

  • 6529 quote image.pngSo if all you use is a permeation test to assess your suit, some users might be coming into contact with small amounts of a chemical regularly… and you don’t even know it! For chemicals with very high toxicity or that have cumulative or long term effects, this might be critical!
  • It is a fact that the rate of permeation increases as temperature rises. Yet the permeation test is always conducted at 23oC. So if you work at a temperature above 23oC, the permeation test result is irrelevant anyway!
  • To assess how long it is safe to use a suit you need to understand if any of the chemical is permeating through the fabric, if so how much, and most importantly, whether the toxicity of the chemical means that amount is harmful

You could calculate this manually, or for Lakeland suits ChemMax 3, ChemMax 4 Plus* and Interceptor Plus*, you can use Permasure®.

Permasure® makes innovative use of well-established, molecular modelling and:-

  • gives an instant calculation of safe use time based on the known dermal toxicity of the chemical, and adjusting for temperature and exposure time
  • provides instant access to toxicity and hazard data on over 4000 chemicals – with a direct hyperlink to detailed safety datasheets on the selected chemicalsafe use time example image.png
  • allows easy production of safe-use tables – indicating how long a suit can be used at different temperatures
  • works on any browser-enable device – smart-phone, tablet, lap-top or PC.

Registration and use of Permasure is free – once essential training has been conducted. To find out more complete the form and sign up for a free demo and training session, which should take no more than 15 minutes – either on-line or in-person.

In a world of uncertainty about the long term effects of chemical toxicity, Permasure® offers users the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how long a suit can be safely used and to protect workers for effectively – even in the long term…

Sign up for a free demo today!

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