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Disposable Cleanroom Garments: A Comprehensive Guide

Trying to find the right disposable garments for your application and environment?


Download this free guide now to learn more about how to choose the right cleanroom garment for your controlled environment

What are the effects of exposure to chemical hazards?

Chemical workers are routinely exposed to hazardous substances which can be found to have devastating impacts on a person's health. Damage can be immediate, but in other cases the long-term effects can be destructive years, and even decades after contamination takes place.

2020_01_31_Lakeland eBook Thumbnail_what are the effects of exposure to chemical hazards

In this eBook, we explore the associated health risks that accompany exposure to hazards such as benzene. We also consider how companies can better protect their employees by re-evaluating their protection strategies and workplace culture.

Download our eBook today and discover:

  • How factors such as physiology affect the risks associated with long-term exposure
  • The effects of exposure to known carcinogens
  • How to calculate safe-use times
  • The importance of creating a safety orientated culture
  • How organisations can protect their employees and mitigate known risks
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