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13-Step Guide for Chemical Suit Selection, Management and Use

Chemical Suit Selection, Use and Care Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Protecting workers against “hidden killer” chemicals starts with establishing a comprehensive program to ensure your chemical suits offer and maintain the optimum combination of protection and comfort and that workers stay as safe as they can be. 


Our latest guide walks through all of the critical factors that will be important as you work with chemical suits and personal protective equipment, including everything you need to know about the selection, management and use of chemical suits.

The 13-Step Guide will reveal key information for safety managers.

  • Selecting a chemical suit is not just about checking a permeation test result (which are commonly misinterpreted). There are a number of additional considerations we cover in detail.
  • Before actually putting suits into use, it is worth considering any tools or processes that might need establishing to ensure effective management of suits. What key issues should you consider?
  • Performance of the best chemical suit in the world can be undermined by incorrect or inappropriate use. Training plays a vital roll in ensuring protection is as it should be and is maintained. Are you following the best practices?
  • Maximising comfort is not just about making workers feel better, it has a range of benefits that can ultimately affect a company's bottom line. Interested in learning more?

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