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Lakeland’s Guide to Type 5 & 6 Protective Coveralls

Trying to select disposable clothing for protection against hazardous dusts and light liquid sprays and splashes?

Safety Managers are bombarded with multiple brands and suit types available for Type 5 and Type 6 protection, with suppliers all claiming their version is the best.

But did you know that there are actually only three basic types of fabric used for these coveralls?

All the brands available in the market are a variation of one of these three fabric types. 


So which is the best choice? That, of course, depends on the specifics of the application.

Lakeland’s “Guide to Type 5 & 6 Coverall Selection” identifies these three fabric types, analyses their properties, and considers which is the better choice given the key factors of protection, comfort, and durability.

The guide can assist Safety Managers and users in choosing the best coverall for the job.

Download our selection guide now and discover:

  • The three basic fabric types used for Type 5 and Type 6 coveralls worldwide.
  • Which disposable suit offers the best choice in terms of protection, comfort, and breathability.
  • Comparison of the key properties of these fabrics.
  • Detailed data sheets on the various Lakeland Type 5 and Type 6 coverall options.
  • Glossary of standard CE physical properties tests with comparisons of performance.
  • Tips and insights that every Safety Manager should know about coverall selection.



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