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Looking for personalized and flexible chemical suit advice and PPE training?

PPE training with Lakeland

Training provides Knowledge.
And Knowledge is Power. 

For Distributors: Want to sell more on product benefit and less on price? Want to see margins and profits improve? Confidence sells, so do you want your sales teams to have more confidence selling product?

For end users: Need more assurance that you are using the best PPE for the task? Like a better understanding of factors influencing PPE choice or greater knowledge of CE standards? Or perhaps you are in need of chemical suit advice tailored to your organizational needs?

Training is the Answer.

We have decades of experience in the design, production, and sale of chemical and other protective clothing. Our expert Sales Managers offer PPE training to distributors and end-users on the range of products available at Lakeland, as well as their features and benefits.

We can offer a range of training opportunities, from short, on-site end-of day sessions for sales teams to full interactive study days where distributor sales teams can work together with end users and Safety Managers to develop a better understanding of ensuring the choice of the best chemical suit for the job.

Our on-site product training and study sessions provide you with:

  • Extensive knowledge of the key developments in critical EN standards.
  • Presentations and interactive group exercises to help you develop ideas on effective chemical suit assessment.
  • Factors to consider when selecting PPE for chemical and heat protection and much more.
  • Instructors with a high level of expertise working within the industry of coveralls manufacture and other protective clothing.
Whether you want sessions at your own premises or video conferencing sessions for shorter, more specific training, Lakeland has a solution for you.
Check out the video below to see a study session in action:

Learn more about the Training Opportunities available at Lakeland by clicking the link below.
If you would like to arrange a study session for you or your team, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

“The Lakeland team found a way to explain a complex matter in way anyone can understand.

The training was interactive, fun and to the point”

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