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Lakeland’s CE Protective Clothing Buyers’ Guide

Lakeland was the original manufacturer of limited life protective suits and has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality protective clothing for five decades. 

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Production of CE certified clothing started in 2002 when the Lakeland Europe division was opened.

The CE range now covers a full spectrum of clothing for protection against chemicals from Types 1 to Type 6, with a range of options for most Types, and now includes clothing for protection against flames and heat, arc flash and fire fighters clothing.

Our CE range Buyers’ Guide includes outline specifications of all the CE certified products available as well as informative articles, basic selection guides, a certification/applications chart and the most comprehensive selection flow chart guide yet developed.

Download our Buyers’ Guide now to discover:

  • The full range of CE certified protective clothing designed and manufactured by Lakeland
  • Outline selection guides for chemical suits, Type 5 & 6 coveralls, arc-flash wear and aluminised heat protective garments
  • Useful articles on key issues such as safe-use time calculation for chemical suits, anti-static properties and protection against biological/infectious agents
  • A handy chart showing certification for each product
  • The most comprehensive selection flow chart guide for chemical protection ever designed.

Download your free copy today by simply filling in the form.

Please note that this guide is available in multiple languages and by accessing this download you will also be able to order a hard copy. 

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