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Selecting the right chemical suit

What are PPE requirements?
How to select the right PPE for the job

What are the factors that influence PPE selection?

Relying on CE standards alone when selecting a chemical suit will not protect your workers.

Whilst safety should always be the first priority when selecting an appropriate chemical suit, comfort is just as important.


But what are the PPE requirements you need to consider?

From the toxicity of chemicals being handled, to completing specific tasks in harsh environments, there are a number of critical factors that must be considered when selecting the right chemical suit for the job - not to mention additional equipment such as gloves and boots.

Our eBook looks at the key elements you must assess, including:

  • How to identify if the CE marking on chemical suits matches the protection type you need
  • Which tools can help determine safe-use times for a chemical suit in the petrochemical environment
  • Why it’s important to consider differences between Type 3 and Type 4 requirements
  • Which activity types and environmental factors can influence final chemical suit decision

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