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Health and safety
planning in the
petrochemical industry

Can managers improve workplace safety in the petrochemical environment?

Do your employees have a detailed understanding of the risks of chemical exposure?

This is crucial in an industry where hazards including hydrocarbon gases and vapours and anti-static environments are present.


Creating a culture of safety by assessing routine processes and involving your workers in risk-assessment is vital to keep your workers happy and safe.

In this eBook, we consider the specific safety challenges affecting workers within the petrochemical industry and outline how to achieve long-term change within a business’ safety culture.

Download our eBook now to learn about:

  • How to reduce the accidental and intentional misuse of PPE by managing multi-risk environments and deal with PPE compromises
  • Which tasks can uncover flaws in standard PPE and how to enforce safety behaviours within the organisation
  • Top tips for conducting a robust risk assessment that meets the additional complexities of working in the petrochemical environment
  • How to create a strong culture of safety through training and leadership to ensure managers set a positive, safe example

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