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Guide to chemical selection

Lakeland's Chemical Suit Selection Guide

A Step-by-Step Manual to Help Safety Managers

Selection of the right chemical suit for the job is vital in ensuring you effectively Protect Your People® but also in achieving the best balance between protection, comfort and cost.

Lakeland’s five decades in the design, manufacture, and sale of chemical safety clothing provides a unique level of experience in the factors that should be considered.

Chemical suit selection is about more than ensuring a garment meets an international standard, such are CE.


Standards are a good starting point to identify general hazard types, but fail to address the multiple factors relating to the task and the environment that could be important.

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Our “Guide to Chemical Suit Selection” includes detailed data pages on the range of Lakeland chemical suits available and a step-by-step manual to help Safety Managers identify the types of factors that might play a part.

  • The key factors influencing chemical suit selection.
  • How to calculate safe-use times for chemical suits.
  • Why permeation test breakthrough cannot be used as an indication of safe use.
  • How the Lakeland Permasure® app can assist in ensuring effective safety against hazardous chemicals.


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