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The Business Impact of Chemical Resistant Protective Clothing

How can chemical resistant protective clothing impact your business?

Identifying the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees is a fundamental aspect of a Safety Manager’s responsibility.

However, balancing workforce comfort and safety with business financial planning presents its own challenges. Beyond risk assessments, safety managers are under pressure to deliver effective chemical resistant protective clothing, while adhering to business budgets.

If organisations are too heavily focused on cost-saving, lack of comfortable PPE can significantly impact employee morale and safety as they try to maintain comfort while working.

In this eBook, we investigate the business impact of effective PPE and procedures, highlighting the individual challenges presented by the workforce and senior management.

Download our eBook now to discover more about:

  • How motivations differ between operators, safety managers and senior management when evaluating the business impact of PPE
  • Why it’s important to consider employee engagement and morale when testing PPE and creating a product shortlist.
  • How poorly fitting or inappropriate PPE can be devastating for the business bottom line for employees – and employers
  • Why cheaper safety clothing doesn’t always mean cost-saving and how choosing the right chemical suit is more nuanced

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