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CleanMax™ Cleanroom Apparel

Lakeland CleanMaxTM Cleanroom Apparel

Lakeland CleanMaxTM cleanroom garments provide the comfort, quality and protection you expect, all backed by our 30+ years as a manufacturer of disposable protective apparel.

All Lakeland CleanMaxTM Cleanroom Apparel is:

  • Chemical Penetration Resistance to oils, bleach and 50% Sodium Hydroxide
  • Resistant to blood and body fluid penetration
  • Resistant to viral penetration
  • Resistant to Blood Borne Pathogens

Key Benefits of Choosing Lakeland Cleanroom Apparel:

Bound Seams: CleanMax™ garments feature bound seams, which are precisely sewn with an additional outer binding. This increases seam strength and provides a better barrier from particulates.

Tunneled Elastic: Garment elastic is completely covered by the garment material so the elastic is not exposed to the work environment.

CleanMax™ Physical Properties

Physical Property Test Method Units Test Results
Basis Weight ASTM D3776 oz/y2 1.55 oz/y2
Grab Tensile MD ASTM D5034 lbs 22.0 lbs
Grab Tensile XD ASTM D5034 lbs 14.0 lbs
Trapezoidal Tear MD ASTM D1117 lbs 9.0 lbs
Trapezoidal Tear CD ASTM D1117 lbs 5.8 lbs
Ball Burst ASTM D3787 lbs 19.0 lbs
Air Permeability ASTM D737 cfm <0.562 cfm/ft2
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM 96-80 g/m2-24hrs 663.38
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ASTM F2101 % 99.99%
Partical Filtration Efficiency ASTM F2299 % 99.99%


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